Planning Joint Ventures

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Why Joint Ventures?

Planning joint ventures can be exciting. They are sometimes the best option for optimizing opportunities. Often times, a joint venture allows for easier entry to markets that may have been inaccessible. Breaking into a new market is a very common reason for a joint venture, however reasons may include increasing a distribution network. Other benefits of a joint venture include, but are not limited to, an increased production capacity, access to more experienced staff, perceived buying power, improved ability to raise capital, and the capability to tackle a project that may be too big or risky for one company alone.


Many risks exist for those planning a joint venture. One source of frequent conflict is different corporate cultures. This can lead to poor integration and confusing policies. Communication problems may exist that can create barriers to success, as can differing strategies and plans. Bringing in an outside set of eyes can help alleviate tension and get projects back on track. This requires aligning the parties involved – done by defining accountabilities and eliminating redundancies in staff and policies in order to facilitate a smoother operation, allowing for a more timely and efficient collaboration. Merging operational plans can be a difficult and time consuming task that can also be made easier with an experienced and trustworthy consulting firm. While the big picture may be clear to the executive teams behind the joint venture, it isn't always so for those following the directions of company leaders. The importance of a clear big picture cannot be understated, and that's exactly what the best consulting firms can offer.

Planning Joint Ventures

The steps involved in planning a joint venture invariably differ depending on the project and companies involved. While some may be as simple as reaching out to another company with a written statement outlining the plan, others may be substantially more difficult and time consuming. Those looking to expand into foreign territories for example are bound to face complex challenges, some of which will be foreseeable while others will remain elusive until the joint venture comes face to face with the issue. For most joint ventures, the value of a reliable and experienced consulting firm can help to ensure smooth transitions and clear communications. These transitions and communications can be simplified through the alignment of project ideals, goals, policies, and strategies.
A strategic and sometimes temporary partnership between companies can be beneficial in many ways. From expanding territory and networking to creating new products and packages, joint ventures can be a great method for growing a business. Planning a joint venture can be a tricky task, but with a little boost from a reliable and experienced consulting firm with teams of dedicated specialists able to mobilize and execute plans, the process becomes much less of a challenge. Aligning the parties involved can help by filling the gap between business cultures, procedures, and even vocabulary. Context is everything, and the right consultants can help clarify the big picture for all parties involved.

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